Helpful Informaition about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

 For those of us in the mental health and educational circles, the subject of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has become somewhat of a hot topic in recent years.   While this diagnosis remains relatively unknown to many in the general public, it has drawn significant media attention.   Overall this recent coverage has been extremely beneficial in raising the level of public awareness.   However, like with any topic of interest covered by the mainstream media, this coverage brings both good and misguided misinformation alike.  

In working with many individuals and families affected by ASD a big component of effective treatment is education about the disorder and advocacy on these client’s behalf.   In the course of my research I have encountered some extremely helpful resources that I am including as links in this post.


 For educators and parents wishing to provide some useful information to them:

Aspergers Synbdrome: A Guide for Parents and Professional-by Tony Atwood

Information for Families and Marriages Impacted by Aspergers:


Alone Together: Making an Aspergers Marriage Work-by Katrin Bentley

Resource Books to help explain Aspergers to young people:


Asperger's  Huh?  A Child's Perspective-by John Strachan

Freaks, Geeks and Aspergers Syndrome: A Users Guide to Adolescence- by Luke Jackson