General Information about Therapy House


front side view of the Therapy House, Racine WI


Services Provide

For a brief description about the range of services provided by our clinicians here at Therapy House.

Therapy Rates and Insurance Questions

The Therapy House works with a wide variety of insurance companies.  We also provide services on a self pay basis. We will work with you to navigate the insurance process, answer questions along the way, and help you come up with a payment option that works for you.   If after reviewing the attached documents you have any additional questions,  feel free to contact us directly.

Making Payments

Cash, check,, and all major credit cards are accepted for payment.   All co-pays are due at the time of service unless otherwise specified.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Communication between a client and a psychotherapist is protected by law and can not be released without your written permission. However, under certain circumstances release of information is also mandated by law. You can find detailed information about confidentiality on the following pages.

Helpful Links

The internet can be a wonderful resource.  However, as a mental health consumer you need to be selective around where you turn for your information.  Here is a page of links that we had found to be helpful in our work with various clients.