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If you are reading this, it's likely you are seeking a therapist, and attempting to find the right person for you.  I applaud you for getting this far, because let's be honest: this is not an easy task.  First, there's the hurdle of coming to grips with the idea of seeking a counselor in the first place.  Next, you have to find the right provider with whom to trust and share your deepest, darkest--and frequently, most embarrassing--secrets.  It is vitally important in beginning the therapeutic process that you find someone with whom you feel safe, comfortable, and secure.  I hope, in taking a little time to introduce myself, that I can ease your decision-making process.



Andrew Patch, LPC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been in private practice in Racine since 1998.  I previously worked as the adolescent inpatient family therapist at St. Luke's Hospital and as an in-home counselor with the All Saints Intensive Home-Based Counseling program.  Starting in January of 2009, I will also begin providing divorce mediation and child custody evaluations for the Racine Family Court Commissioner's Office.  Having achieved my Master’s degree in community counseling and completed two years of post-graduate training in marriage and family therapy,  I seek to blend individualistic and systemic perspectives in working with children, adolescents, families and couples.  I have earned a strong reputation in the Racine/ Kenosha community for working with attention-deficit, depressed, anxious and oppositional children, teens and adults, as well as families working through difficult periods of their lives.  My therapeutic approach tends to be client-centered and solution-focused, and I attempt to mix genuine caring with equal parts empathy and humor in helping my clients to find a "best-possible life."

Personally, I was born and raised in Racine, and have lived here my entire life.  I received my bachelor's degree with a double major in Psychology and English from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 1994, and my Master's degree in Educational Psychology with a focus in Community Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1997.  I also attended the Family Therapy Training Institute in Milwaukee for a two-year marriage and family therapy training program, completing it in 1999.  I have been married since 1995 and have two wonderful children, an eight-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl.  More recently, my latest "baby" is my motorcycle, a chromed-to-the-gills 2002 Honda Shadow Sabre.

I view all people, including myself, as living life the best way we know how.  Mostly, we find successful ways to adapt ourselves to our world as the need arises.  At times, however, extraordinary circumstances--life events, mental health issues, developmental transitions, family crises, etc.--demand more of us than we are prepared to handle.  This is where counseling can help.

Therapy offers a forum to gain new perspective, build upon existing strengths and, where need be, develop new skills in dealing with the social, emotional, familial and vocational facets of life.  For families, therapy allows the opportunity to be heard, to streamline communication and stabilize family structure and customs.  The counselor's office can be a sanctuary in which to set aside the detritus, the things that distract and confuse us, and cut to the heart of what we really need to address in our lives in order to experience the best life, the most fulfilling relationships possible.  As your therapist, I am uniquely trained to assist you in achieving a "10 out of 10" life.

Because counselors work in the emotional and social realms, it is sometimes difficult to tell when therapy is "working."  An important part of the therapeutic process, then, is goal-setting.  Central to my work with you will be identifying what your life should look like when we are finished, not just in global, vague generalities but in concrete, specific terms.  The therapeutic relationship is a working relationship, one based on empowering clients to change, grow and achieve for themselves.  My goal is for my clients to be dependent upon themselves and their loved ones in life, not their therapist.  I am in the unique position of performing the one job where my ultimate goal with each client is for them to walk into my office one day and say "Thanks Andy, great job.  You're fired!"

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